Cruise Ship Reviews – The Grand Princess

Sometimes a cruise is just a cruise, but sometimes you can experience a very memorable vacation. Sailing on board a Princess ship is such an experience. The Grand Princess, is quite simply, the nicest ship I have ever sailed on. It is visually stunning, and the service on board this luxury class cruise line is superb.

There is often a noticeable difference in the service between different cruise lines. Princess provided a nice combination of excellent service and enough to do on board the ship. Some ships that I have sailed on have been more elegant, others more fun, but the Grand Princess but none have been an excellent combination of both.

The ship is very well designed and has many amenities: a convenient walking track, three separate pools, ice cream bar, a number of reservations only dining rooms and many bars and theaters.

There is a lot to do on board a princess ship. The Broadway-style shows occurred every night and our cruise featured a comedian, not one but two separate nights. There are also a lot of fun and games organized by the cruise directors staff.

One of the lesser known advantages to sailing on board a cruise ship like this, is that the staff are the best of the best. New staff who have never served on board a cruise ship before, usually work on board the Carnival or Norwegian cruise lines. Princess and Holland America Line are fortunate to be able to select the best of the best to work on board their ships.

When I cruise, I really enjoy everything it has to offer. From the first-class Broadway style shows to the five-star gourmet cuisine

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Typical Night Life on a Cruise Ship Reviewed

What can you expect on the cruise?

The nightlife of a cruise ship can be amazingly similar to what you get on the street downtown in any major city. The only difference is that most of the events are choreographed and there is a kind of discipline that you might not find on the streets. For example you should not expect drunken youths to stagger out of the club in the middle of the night. The worst that you can get is a tipsy gentleman that is unable to get out of the way or someone with a severe bout of sea sickness. However this does not mean that life is dull when the sun sets. I would say that that is when the cruise vessel will come alive. There are various forms of entertainment ranging from the nightclubs to the casinos. You have a choice of where to go. One of the most interesting things is that you get the cabaret singers.

There is something sad and yet compelling about the cabaret singers on the cruise ships. Some of them are starting their careers while others are finishing them. Others will hope to develop further when it is clear that they do not have the talent. The clients demand so much from the entertainers and it can be a very difficult job. They have to keep smiling even when they feel link strangling one of the clients that is ogling at them. The quality of the singing is not up to opera standards but it can certainly hold its own. These are the people that dedicate their time to making your stay a very enjoyable one. You should give them the courtesy of listening to their music with an open mind. They might have something useful to say and it is generally a good time. If that is not your kind of thing then you can join the ballroom dancing clubs. That is a favorite pastime for the older adults.

This is a skill that can keep you fit. At the same time you get the chance to meet new people that may help you to develop your social skills. The clubs are run by a professional and they act as some sort of instruction. However you can also take a turn if you wish to. The levels of proficiency are mixed but that is not the point. This is all about ensuring that the people that are on the cruise get a wonderful time and great memories to carry with them when they get back home. You can take it in the way that you feel that is most appropriate but at the end of the day this is all about having fun. It will keep you occupied and away from the cabin. When you meet people during the nightlife on the cruise, you might end up maintaining contact. In the event this is one of the activities that are on offer and it is up to you to select it if you like.

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